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Some Notes from Kenya-Nairobi Maasai Mara Diaries / Travelogues

Some Notes from Kenya-Nairobi  Maasai Mara Diaries / Travelogues

CULTURAL and INNER  SAFARI  Game drives in 4x4
Safari Shall be global event attracting audiences on the path of  transforming our understanding of the meaning of civilisation versus primitivity  in the special movements. a wealth of experience with the great enthusiasms.on breathing lungs .And a new inspire for new approaches to  create new metaphors  . Cutting-edge experiences of  Safari’s and masai’s one of the most beloved and  unique communities  can  ever be  experienced.

Working full time and getting busy with the soft events of sweet hot summer .Both of the halves of the cerebral cortex of  my detail oriented timeless brain successfully leading the past ,present and future was functioning repeatedly  while thinking about the hemispheres of the Earth .Being away from constantly changing regular or predictable hours to chant  a magic spell “ BIRTHDAY at GAME RESERVE in KENYA . All animals are invited in the Park . Such thought  blessed with unusual happiness was surrounded by garlands of flowers with a deep happy laughter. Realistic oil portrait of this TRIP has already been drawn on my imaginations . The story teller in me was getting excited as if getting tired of my daily briefings  about “what will be the next memorable destination on the World Map” and “where and how to unite the richness of  diversities” rhymes. Travelling .. maybe the longest -term commitment I had ever made throghout my life .

A wooden mask , pendants and Africa ... readily being apparent  . World take us to our own estimate so it was beyond a virtual tour.

Though being aware of  the neuropsychiatric side affects,having received the 2nd dose of of the most-prescribed malaria drug  tablets taken  as a precaution against  malaria (Lariam ) . The path I choosen was a correct one .It was a path through my inner self being... as usual . It was a journey to my SELF .Taking a ride  with me ,myself and I... to the  natural wilderness ,vibrant colour with a pasionate  living energy. The quotes of W.Shakespare  “To be or or not to be” was rephrased for me “  surfing the web  or surfing the SELF on the expeditions”  ...The path seems getting inspired , flewing over the abundance of Nile River that seems offering  a new prosperity . Maybe, unconsciously I was again  in the stage of incubation period of a new Social Responsibility Project or maybe I was  not .  various cultures ,new circle of friends and climates must have a lot to offer us.Whoever or whatever the sleeping one unconsciously surely shall wake up at the end of trip .At least shall be a  passage on Life Long Learning.

Participating in various forums  and events in Summer season Having moved from the city that was chosen as joint European Capital of Culture for 2010 which connects 2 continents ans and the city on the  UNESCO World Heritage List . Wonders are everywhere  to lift our joyous souls.

Found myself at Turkish AHL Airport terminal with my oldlooking passport seems very tired after hundreds of journeys to 5 continent of the World . Took my flight to Cairo .having spend 5 hours at VIP room proceed to my plane to take a long and cheerfull flight to  Nairobi  with a 3 years old Srilankan  baby (daugher of the family on back seat )

With a fast and smooth communication, having given the Tour Agent , the detailed description of what I had in  mind, the convenient package of  trip was perfectly  tailored to my  exclusive requirements.Such customization was an unavoidable for such,semi-safe ,politically instable  far distances that have  most spectacular and memorable sights . Since the country was such that where the spread of HIV infection is high , i was supposed to be carefull as much as I could.

Im always known as my frequent references to the relationship of quantum  to butterfly impacts and coincidences. So on the path of the wizard ,the life is to learn through discovery… Having built a visual picture of my “inner-self”  being at least a bit  far from continious pokes  and repeated social networking . Far from searching innovative ways to gain competitive advantage of any industry ... Obviously ,the dualism was far beyond the people when  split into a body and a soul. While looking at  to poverty of children that are deprived of parental care in five star ,protected areas namely my Hotels and 5 stars tented camps  , Though  the authorities have abundance of funds and sufficient knowledge on how HIV/AIDS is prevented, the  aids are not directed properly  and its one of the  threat to development of the country itself . Installation of large tanks to collect rain water in drought- areas of Kenya was a must  as well. The country surely need to invests heavily in education and sustainable development programs. Meanwhile the values of currency as US $ 61.45  65.55  buying /selling respetively :

Having been transfered  to my superior hotel at Kenyatta Ave/Kimathi Street, City centre by Moses ,get a bit rest without blinking my eyes . Thinking about the morning drive to the David Sheldrick Wildlife  Elephant Orphan House  with innovative thoughts and artistic inclinations were tempting me .

Olympas came and visit me his birthday gifts . The pendant and bracelet all were made with the colours of Kenya flag with horizonatl stripes of black red and green plus with thinner white stripes. His wife must be so kind as well they both prepared a nice card for birthday celebration .

When I think of an highly sophisticated animal with a very rapid metabolism, and need regular feeding 24 hours a day.,namely an elephant my eyes become a sparkline crystaline .
The elephants known as  communicating  mammals  over long distances by producing a sub-sonic rumble which can travel over the ground faster than sound via air  and other can receive mesages via their sensitive skin ,based on the recent discoveries. If you ask me about an elephant skin its softer than a silk velvet, while others are iritating from the hard hairy skin. Elephant is an  animal that  reach puberty at 13 or 14 years of age and  may live 70 -80 years or possibly more. An elephant´s trunk, a union of the nose and upper lip, is a highly sensitive organ with ver 100,000 muscle units. They modify their habitat by converting savannah and woodlands to grasslands. An Asian elephant has five toes on the front of the feet and and four on the back and  The African elephants like the orphans here  has only four toes on the front feet and three on the back. You can simply recall 5-4-3  ASAF . This is my methodology  for keeping in mind .
The trunk of elephants  is an extremely flexible muscular exploratory organ  which can be used with the finest touch. It is an important part of an elephant's life by being used as an exploratory organ, for feeding, for drinking and for friendly wrestling matches. Elephants can use their trunks as a snorkel when swimming in water as well . After such kind of a brief introduction about elephants what im gonna talk about is very clear . Asian elephant is more closely related to the extinct mammoth than to the African elephant

This orhan house was originally started by David Sheldrick, and the work was taken over by his wife after his death. The elephants are raised with the intention of gradually re-integrating
and releasing back them into the wild. Visit hours are  between 11am and 12 noon every day ,the  elephants are being fed and plays this time .

Baby elephants such an intelligent and  fragile beauty.  Why the elephants are in orphan house reason is so simple , the mother either was a victim of hunting for “Ivory Trade” or mother died in either reasons .The baby elephants are dependent upon its mother's milk and since attentive mothers, such deprivation is a big trauma for baby elephants . Who shall teach them how to draw water up their trunks and pour it into their mouths.

Its good to know that the orphaned elephants raised in Kenya are not trained to do anything

The way baby elephant interact with others were just  like baby cats .
African elephant is the largest of all mammals with 60 to 70 years of life span.

Maasai Mara National Reserve

The hilarious performance of our actions  with a full  consience  level may dig our hole even deeper,where the magics prepared on the other side of the mirror at the corner . Taken  a domestic flight 1768 was a great coincidence in the history of humankind  to Keekorok . Coincidences seems like the chewable tablet in my life .Surely unavoidable  in each ocassion. The significance of this number is simple since i was born in 1st July of 68. Members of the "Big Five" were waiting for me  fort he celebration of my birthday . I shouldn’t be late  to sleep like a baby tonight.

Furnished bungalows with wide choices under the blue sky . Sarova Mara Camp is 260km from Nairobi, which is about 5 hours by (an often bumpy) road.  

A short descriptive ,orientative walk  in camp was very usefull . No electricity between 12-4 AM was quite inportant information for the someone who sleps only 2 hours in a day . The Latin names of trees was writen , sounds like Arboretum. I have no suspicion about Soil Fertility since the migration is just due to fertile grasses of Mara .

The first majestic game drive was at 4 PM  . Alchemy of good natured, kind hearted  thoughts were beyond that  fairy tale romance . There in front of me stood 2 baby lions . I was closer them respect to my previous experience in South Africa . wildebeests, zebras and gazelles that follow the dark rain all were on the stage . Buffallos were surely  less than the population in Krueger Park . a polite request  with the the roar of the lion just a little insight into me as a wildlife fan at authentic safari exploring in the land of contrasts and diversity .

While expecting a complete excellent new features in our third generation requirements , contemplatinmg on a country country in deep poverty was a bit ironic . A small  particle of comprehensive effort to strengthen the knowledge of Maasai’s as  big  pastoral community and having been aware the extensive baseline needs of those people as as nomadic or semi nomadics settled in game reserves area or rural farming villages  as a diversity of wildlife.Maasai people are partly in us rather than being an  extraterrestrial. What would be the common denominator with those people ... A WARM smile .Maasais are  herders of Southern Kenya well as  northern Tanzania  bringing a contemplative view to all  surprising paradise living under a communal system.Droughts are becoming severe in East Africa due to global warming and  forcing the Maasai people to seek out alternative livelihoods. Herds are smaller than ever before, and most people are relying on relief food.  A game reserves area as a diversity of wildlife. birds and various other insects were flying around the zebras . No mosquito net, around a buffalo as well .

So much stories and realities for social anthropologists regarding the socio-cultural background of those sharp featured people  . As the Masaai Mara is the northern extension of the Serengeti in Tanzania, since there are no fences to stop the animals migrating  between the two countries. The Reserve belongs to and is managed by the African tribe Maasai people. They speak Maa language.

Traditional Maasai homesteads, also known as enkang,( osotua obo ) are usually arranged in a circular manner and are typically comprised of three main structures.

Maasai Mara National Reserve

My previous knowledges about the urine was reinforced by the book I found about the Maasai’s on the reception desk. Having been re-acknowldged the fact that , with natural healing traditions of the Maasai , urine used for many purpose mainly focused on recoveries for special kind of diseases  .

After applying mosquito repellents ,morning game viewing was a really  adventurous journey.......Though there was no red carpet  on dinner table of lions or wildebeests after hunting session as I have previously whitnesed at South Africa , it was a great ,amazing and fascinating experience in a diverse eco-system. Driver gave info about the elephants , like Smelling is the  most highly developed sense of elephants and his experineces about smells . They can even attack when theya are not happy .

Return for breakfast at the lodge and tented camp located at  Mara with bodiy and emotionally wellness. It was good that all meals  were  inclusive i the camp . Greeting the Maasai people in reception area  who were chatting to passers-by. The grounds of consistency on the conversation was quite impresive . Plus conventional and complementary speeches were remarkable feedback of my past acknowledgements about the Primitive cultures .

Ironically cultural shocks were awaiting for me  . Coincidences were being gained significant  momentum in India There comes a dilogues of two different centuries beyond the compatibilities of  horoscopes . additional source of  inspiration .Having faced with such prestigious look with heart warming smile , nothing was relevant if the people of tribes were coming  from a weak socio-economic background or not .

A 'Maa' people ... a lot to be observed . Having imagined a great significance on extensive decoration of his skin with all ritual objects and pendants on neck . Spotlights turned on his cheerfull enchanting eyes .having deserved to  play the lead role in my modest personal research . There is no hesitation of sexy and stylish dress code issue here , however “Red” is the dominant colour thats for sure . Just like the colour of blood itself . such a transcendental temptation while talking about the lucid dreams far from the impact of globalizations . For Maasai people seems like Business casual dress . Dreamlike colours and key business challenges.
As the olive is one of the symbol of eternity and peace in many cultures Oloirien" is the African Olive Tree, is known by the Maasai’s as a peace tree, and is thought to bring serenity to the community and to their environment. Maasai’s unique  tribal leadership, the council of elders, is loosing its power each day due to emerging western forms of leadership and governance baased on  the idea of evolving  a modern culture with the restricted paradigms. Sustainable social-economic development to the Maasai region is a must .
While talking the pool bye pertaining the dreams we had recently , out of a sudden Kimurata ask me WHO ARE U with a kind of tunning whispered from astral universes as if avoidng to disclose ezottheric confidential knowledges of Whole Universe  .The way he asked this question was just like directing a question to an oracle . All the things can be matured with the contradictory counterpart . So green with red , white with black . The way he looks for stil holding  a deep respect  for the stranger . And the energy of answers spread like wild fire on my queries . Only being a pool bye would be waste of human capital.
An extrovert, active lady seems like a global citizen.  Lucy is from Kikuyu tribe . Meanwhile there are some neigbouring tribes of Maasai here namely Chaga,Gogo, Kamba Kaguru Kikuyu, Meru , Pare, , Sukuma, Samburu.
As a being inquistive ,curious child Cigdem Yorgancioglu surely  wonder about the phases of  child in Maasai . While the western world focus on child elementary years,the Maasai society is basically settled on  an age-oriented system, where each man passes through 3 basic  phases of “life stages”, namely childhood(boy hood ) ,  warriorhood and elderhood. The transitions of phases  are marked by unique and individual ceremonies involving various activities that are enjoyed by the entire community.Achieving competence is must for the transition of phases. Killing a lion with barefoot  is only one of the key performance indicator of Maasais . The Maasai ladies  maintains their intimate  ties, both socialy and sexually with their ex boy friends, even after they are getting married, even after they find their harmonious match.Men should acquire wealth first to get marry with a lady .

the pursuit of adventure and freedom interpreted in different style in this culture and all kids born either they are legitimate or not , deemed as propoerty of husbands (father ) ane his  family . That’s why my Maasai friend still own the child thoug his wife left .   architecturally significant stones on nature . whatever the term we use or choose to define Extramarital fulfillment and deceptions are everywhere.

The Maasai drink blood during dry season when they run short of milk Warrior often drink blood of healthy animal with belief that it will give them strength .  The Maasai s utilise every part of the cattles .

Calabashes A kind of  utensil or  a kind of container made from the dried, hollowed-out shell of calabashes fruit. Maasais use wine for medical purpose to wash calabashes ,seal thier house its horns
the migration of herbivore animals with the  dream of green grass from Serengeti to Maasai Mara surely folowed by carnivores .

deeper wounds of pastoralist tribes like Maasai  Common sense implies a negative impact for such wounds . But we can not explain the things via our perceptions and paradigms only .  

After watching the social networking community of zebras and buffalo  at spectacular sight of Mara  Nature Game Park having reached the Camp back and rest a bit aroun the swimming pool to collect further multifaceted information about Maasai culture .

breath taking  peace and harmony on rural Kenyan Maasai face with a  a mystical realm trust  and vast local knowledge combined with worthy, sensitive,decisive  passionate  eyes . Seems maintaining a balance between fun and work. no regretting about anything in the past. Being aware the fact that  there is no long term commitment in the Whole Universe cherishing  each moment of  her and his  life.

Respect for self and respect for others . Seems that Maasai people solved the important part of the communication problem by connecting the relevant dots

Telling me about the traditions of Maasai’s the removal of deciduous canine tooth buds using a pointed pen-knife in early childhood in case the Maasai can be poisoned and treated . Recent discoveries in herbal science may seem so ridiculous to a Maasai man.

Discarding   the  bombarded cliches of the past  , seeking happiness as its just a state of mind particular identity including no infringing content based on their believes and values .

Perimeter of Maasai’s  joy  cannot be limited with the exchange of ideas. The conversations were describing the  properties of each color. All the speech were like lessons in creating the illusion of life for Westernized mind set . Who cares about the micro representation of a  a whole Universe like fully integrated, web-based photo browsers .

Traditionally, the Maasai rely on meat, milk and blood from cattle for protein and caloric needs. People drink blood on special occasions. It is given to a circumcised person (o/esipolioi), a woman who has given birth (entomononi) and the sick (oltamueyiai). Also, on a regular basis drunk elders, ilamerak, use the blood to alleviate intoxication and hangovers. Blood is very rich in protein and is good for the immune system. However, its use in the traditional diet is waning due to the reduction of livestock numbers.

Multi-talented Masaais are not the relics of meteors, disintegrating satellites,however the way individuals create meaning for their lives are 100  %  different from the understanding of Western mind . This was  just a good start shall be continued . I wish had a more time to multi-week trip so may stay in safari park more “ would be a sentence of a looser since I shall go there soon again

Warm smile Under African Sky  

Hicran Cigdem Yorgancioglu
Kenya Maasai Mara Diaries / Travelogues
July 2008

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